Soubry – Sam Gyimah has put the national interest first and foremost - People's Vote

Soubry – Sam Gyimah has put the national interest first and foremost

Commenting on Sam Gyimah’s interview with the Today Programme about his resignation from the Government, Anna Soubry MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Sam Gyimah was an excellent minister with a bright future ahead of him. To his immense credit he has put the national interest first and foremost.

“Sam has looked at the Prime Ministers so called ‘deal’ in detail and concluded he will not support it and with good reason. Mrs May’s ‘deal’ is a bad deal for our country.

“Like a growing number of Conservatives Sam recognises that Parliament is deeply divided and a People’s Vote on Brexit 'may be the most sensible path' for all of us." 


On blindfold Brexit

“…we will have given up our voice, our veto and also our vote and our interests will be hammered…”

“…the brutal negotiations we will go through will make us poorer and less secure…”

“I do not have any faith that the path we are going on with the PM leads us to a position where our national interests are enhanced…”


On People’s Vote

“We all now know more … than we did in that first referendum, particularly about the terms of our departure…”

“Letting people decide now that people know more may be the most sensible path for both leavers and remainers.”

“If we want to avoid chaos… I would rather go down that path [a People’s Vote] than go down the path that would cripple our interests for decades to come…"