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Soubry – It is never clear what Boris Johnson believes

Commenting on Boris Johnson’s latest apparent flip-flop on Brexit, Anna Soubry MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Two weeks after Parliament delivered the most decisive defeat ever of any government on the most crucial issue facing our country, hard line Brexit rebels are now trying to crawl back on to the wreckage of the Prime Minister’s Brexit plan. 

“We should not be surprised that Boris Johnson is in the forefront of those suggesting he might yet offer ‘full-throated’ backing for the deal because it is never really clear what he believes in from one day to the next.

“But even if some new concessions could be agreed on the Irish border, with all the accompanying risks to the peace process that entails, the overwhelming majority of Conservative MPs who opposed the deal – including Boris Johnson – have given reasons for their rebellion that go far beyond the backstop.

“What is needed now is not a new plan to get a blind Brexit over the line. Any new compromise half-in-half-out formula will leave most of the big questions about Brexit delayed. It will guarantee nothing but that successive UK governments will go back and forth to Brussels trying to make sense of a Brexit that makes no sense for Britain. 

“Now, with the clock ticking down ever louder to March 29, MPs on both sides of the House of Commons can stand up for the national interest. Particularly by supporting the amendment from Dominic Grieve which would take back control for Parliament.”



Notes to Editors

The People’s Vote campaign is urging MPs to support four amendments to the Government’s motion tomorrow – those tabled by Dominic Grieve, Yvette Cooper, Rachel Reeves and Caroline Spelman.