SNP support People’s Vote and oppose blindfold Brexit - People's Vote

SNP support People’s Vote and oppose blindfold Brexit

The SNP have firmly and clearly backed a People’s Vote, with the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon telling Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland that there were no conditions on the Party’s support for a People’s Vote.

This afternoon the SNP’s conference voted for a motion that opposed a blindfold Brexit – where the UK leaves without any agreed final settlement - and confirmed support for a People’s Vote.

A spokesperson for the People’s Vote campaign said:

“It is clear that the settled will of the Scottish people is that Scotland should remain inside the European Union.

“The First Minister was absolutely right to make it clear this morning that the Scottish National Party will stand by the Scottish people in resisting the Government’s Brexit, and that SNP MPs will unconditionally back a People’s Vote. The People’s Vote campaign welcomes that clear leadership and the decision by the party’s conference to underline it this afternoon and to emphasise the SNP’s opposition to a blindfold Brexit.

“In doing so they will not just be representing the majority of Scots who voted to stay in the EU in 2016, because whether people voted to leave or remain, nobody voted for rising prices in the shops, for an exodus of doctors and nurses from the NHS or for medicines to be stockpiled. Yet all these things are happening now as a result of Brexit.

“The Westminster elite cannot decide this issue alone, the people must have the final say through a People’s Vote on any Brexit deal.”