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Smith – No deal scare stories are an empty threat

Today’s Government Cabinet meeting is focused on the subject of ‘no deal’. The Treasury have announced an additional £2 billion spend on no deal preparations and businesses are being instructed to ramp up their no deal contingency plans.

Commenting, Owen Smith MP, leading supporter of People’s Vote, said:

“Efforts by Downing Street to scare MPs back into the fold with vacuous stories about its ‘no deal’ preparations for Brexit will be seen for what they are: an empty threat by a government that no longer has a real strategy on Brexit.

“It knows it has no majority for its proposed deal and that there is an even bigger majority against no deal. That’s because neither fulfil all the promises for Brexit or are as good as the deal we’ve already got in the EU. Instead of going through the charade of no deal preparations, the Cabinet should start preparing for a People’s Vote which is now clearly the only way forward.”



Notes to Editors

A report by People’s Vote setting out why voting against the Brexit deal won’t lead to no deal can be read here.