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Smith – Architects and advocates of Brexit must take their share of the blame for Wrightbus collapse

Commenting on the collapse of Northern Ireland-based coachbuilding company Wrightbus into administration today, Owen Smith MP, former Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary and leading supporter of People’s Vote, said:

“It is very sad that Wrightbus and its workers are in such difficult circumstances and it is now essential that, given the Northern Ireland Assembly and Executive are not functioning, UK ministers do everything in their power to secure the future of this strategically important employer.

“But the architects and advocates of Brexit, especially those from Northern Ireland, must take their share of the blame.

“As Stephen Kelly of Manufacturing NI made clear yesterday, Brexit is hitting even world-leading manufacturers like Wrightbus hard. Brexit has created massive economic uncertainty in the UK and effectively closed off overseas markets.

“The reality is that Brexit offers nothing but bad news and economic decline to Northern Ireland. It is extraordinary that the DUP, in particular, are still offering their full support to Boris Johnson when it is his obsessional desire to force the UK out of the EU on 31 October which is now threatening so many jobs in what people once regarded as the unionist heartlands of Northern Ireland.

“And there are darker clouds still on the horizon because of the threat that any sort of Brexit will pose to the peace process.

“There is still a fair and democratic way out of the crisis and that is to give the decision to the people in a final say referendum. Only a People’s Vote can offer clarity and closure – anything else will see the Brexit crisis drag on for years and Northern Ireland will be the place that suffers most.”



Notes to editors

The comments by Stephen Kelly of Manufacturing NI, referenced in the press release, can be seen here: