Rupa Huq – Brexit meltdown “is only getting worse” - People's Vote

Rupa Huq – Brexit meltdown “is only getting worse”

The CBI have downgraded their forecast for economic growth for 2018 and warned that “risks remain … skewed to the downside. In particular a more disorderly outcome to EU negotiations”.

Commenting, Rupa Huq MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:


“The CBI’s forecast of slowing growth and the risk of Brexit is only the latest indication of how much damage the botched Brexit process is doing to our economy, our international reputation and our future.


“Growth is slumping, our high streets are at risk of turning into ghost towns, while the Foreign Secretary warns us of a coming ‘meltdown’ as ministers stagger from one squabble to another.


“This appalling mess is only getting worse and it is more and more clear that the Government are completely unable to agree and our Parliament is fundamentally divided. That is why we must have a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.”