Response to Theresa May’s letter to Jeremy Corbyn - People's Vote

Response to Theresa May’s letter to Jeremy Corbyn

Ben Bradshaw MP, leading supporter of People’s Vote, in response to Theresa May’s letter to Jeremy Corbyn said:

“Strip away the warm words about co-operation, there is very little in this letter to suggest a deal with Labour can be struck because the Prime Minister once again rejects a customs union and offers no real guarantee on workers' rights.

“Indeed, the only guarantee we've got is that any Brexit deal will be so vague it will mean successive British governments going back and forth to Brussels trying to make sense of something that makes no sense for Britain. 

“Theresa May’s letter merely confirms what we already know: she plans to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union without any clarity about what Brexit means. She admits MPs cannot be sure about the future relationship and that her own deal offers a spectrum of outcomes. That means there will be no closure if Brexit goes ahead, just more arguments and negotiations. 

“As Keir Starmer, Tom Watson and John McDonnell have all made clear in recent days, if Labour's proposals cannot proceed, the party has only one way forward which is to follow agreed conference policy and begin campaigning for a People's Vote.”