Research shows Brexit means Brie-xit - People's Vote

Research shows Brexit means Brie-xit

Research published by LSE today shows that, when it comes to dairy products, the Government’s Brexit strategy has more holes than a Swiss cheese.

Commenting, Francis Grove-White, deputy director of Open Britain, part of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“The Prime Minister is acting like there is stil-tons of time left to negotiate. But we now risk crashing gouda the EU with nothing, all because she camembert the idea of standing up to the hardliners in her own party. 

“Nobody was told that Brexit would mean Brie-xit. Post-Brexit customs charges and import delays will mean that, for feta or worse, Brits’ will find it ever-harder get their hands-on soft cheese.

“The people of Britain deserve more than to be told it’s ‘hard cheddar’ when it comes Brexit. It’s time the Prime Minister showed some dairy-do and committed to holding a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.”



Notes to editors

The research is summarised here: