Reeves – Cummings’s remarks reveal plan to scam the public - People's Vote

Reeves – Cummings’s remarks reveal plan to scam the public

Commenting on reports that Dominic Cummings has described any negotiations on Brexit as ‘a sham’, Rachel Reeves MP, leading supporter of a People’s Vote, said:

“The reports that Dominic Cummings, the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, has described the supposed renegotiation of the Brexit deal as ‘a sham’ tell a fundamental story about how and why Boris Johnson is trying to bully and browbeat MPs, mislead businesses and scam the public over Brexit.

“Johnson’s real agenda is to force No Deal on Parliament and the country, and he is willing to use every manipulative trick he can to secure that outcome.

“He has to do this because he has nothing concrete to offer as an alternative.

“Weeks ago, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron told Johnson they would consider any new proposals he had on the Northern Ireland backstop or any other issue of contention, but as former Chancellor Philip Hammond said to today, no new proposals have emerged. Instead we have had more ritual incantations to call up the spirits of ‘technology’ which offer no practical solution to the Government’s backstop riddle.

“Boris Johnson has so far prospered in life because of his way with words. But once you are in 10 Downing Street words are never going to be enough. Parliament and the voters look for substance and real achievement and here Johnson – having promised so much – has nothing to show.

“As a result, he is turning to ever more extreme methods to preserve the illusion of action and decision. He’s attacking democracy by suspending Parliament. He’s trying to suppress dissent by threatening MPs who vote with their conscience against No Deal. He’s even willing to threaten those Conservative MPs who do support him with electoral oblivion at the hands of the Brexit Party in a general election if he doesn’t get his way.

“In the end we can all see that Boris Johnson is a populist who is afraid of the populace, because he continues to oppose the only legitimate way out of this crisis: putting the final say on Brexit back to the people.”