Reeves – Chancellor should rule out ‘no deal’ and end the blackmail - People's Vote

Reeves – Chancellor should rule out ‘no deal’ and end the blackmail

Chancellor Philip Hammond told the BBC this morning the UK faces “very significant disruption” from a no deal Brexit.

Commenting, Rachel Reeves MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Philip Hammond is absolutely right to warn of the catastrophic damage to our economy and social fabric of a ‘no deal’ exit from the European Union. But he remains, for now, a senior member of a government which is refusing either to rule out such a prospect or stop using it to blackmail MPs into supporting a Brexit plan that the House of Commons has rightly and decisively rejected.

“The Chancellor’s deeply conflicted position is underlined by his statement that Britain was promised ‘future prosperity’ by the Leave campaign in 2016 and that ‘people did not vote to be worse off, they voted to be better off’. Indeed, the Treasury itself has acknowledged that the Government’s half-in-half-out Brexit plan would leave the UK economy £100 billion a year poorer by the 2030s.

“The truth is there is no form of Brexit that meets all the promises made in 2016, that is better than the deal we already have in the EU or will prevent this saga continuing for years to come as a successive governments try to make sense of a deal that makes no sense for Britain. What is needed now is for MPs to have time and space, by extending Article 50, so that we can give all forms of Brexit the scrutiny they deserve.”