Reeves – Boris Johnson reverting to music hall act of old - People's Vote

Reeves – Boris Johnson reverting to music hall act of old

Commenting on Boris Johnson’s speech to a business event in New York today, Rachel Reeves MP, leading supporter of People’s Vote, said:

“Boris Johnson is the biggest enemy of free trade to hold office in the UK for fifty or more years. His plans for a No Deal Brexit represent a willingness to erect massive trade barriers between the United Kingdom and our biggest international markets.

“That will cost us jobs and threaten the financial stability of thousands of businesses across Britain, never mind jeopardise our security, undermine the timely supply of medicines and drive up the price and availability of fuel and fresh food.

“To cover up the reality of what his plans mean, he has reverted to the music hall act of old, telling jokes about socks in the way he once talked about bent bananas. Audiences in the US might find his stand-up act mildly funny, but few of us are laughing back at home. Instead we can see a Prime Minister who could hardly be trusted to tell you the truth about the weather outside and whose premiership is mired ever more deeply in swirling allegations about his conduct and fitness for office.

“We cannot trust Boris Johnson to tell us the truth about Brexit or to put the national interest ahead of his personal interest. It is time to instead trust the people to resolve Brexit one way or another in a final say referendum.

“Only a People’s Vote offers a democratic and fair way of resolving the Brexit crisis and giving us the clarity about the future we all now need.”