Put It To The People March estimated to have broken the 1 million people mark - People's Vote

Put It To The People March estimated to have broken the 1 million people mark

The Put It To The People March from Park Lane to Parliament Square today has exceeded all expectations with a turnout of around 1 million, making it one of the biggest protests in British history.

Organisers estimate the size of the crowd spilling in from side streets and into Hyde Park as being significantly bigger than the last People’s Vote march on October 20.

Information has been amassed from stewards, staff and volunteers on the ground along the entire march route from Marble Arch to Parliament Square, as well as examining aerial pictures from television helicopters.

High density crowds were also reported along Oxford Street towards Bond Street Tube Station. This was also visible in the areal footage of the demonstration. Peak crowd densities were estimated at 4.5 people per square metre. The march was told to move off earlier than scheduled under police advice because crowds were so tightly packed they wanted to guarantee public safety.

At the same time, organisers reported large areas in Hyde Park, Wellington Arch, Green Park and St James Park had overspill crowds of several thousand people.

There were also reports of very high density crowds packing the side streets along Park Lane, Piccadilly, St James’ Street and Pall Mall. Some marchers are likely to be at a standstill for at least an hour.

Staff on the ground said a separate march was moving from St James’ Park towards The Mall, rejoining the main march at Trafalgar Square where crowds were recorded at low to medium density. 

A spokesperson for the march organisers at the People’s Vote campaign said:

“It is almost impossible to put an exact figure on the size of this immense crowd because it is spilling out across central London. The start of the march at Park Lane has been filled to bursting point and many thousands of people are trying to make their way to Parliament Square through side streets. At the time the rally began, people were still arriving in Park Lane. Our estimate is based on professional expert advice and whatever the exact number, there can be no doubt that this ranks as one of the greatest protests  - possibly the biggest ever – that this country has ever seen. We have no doubt that this march is bigger than the last with our early estimate putting the size of the crowd at around 1 million.