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Phillipson – Johnson’s Unicorn Plan would cost more and take us nowhere

Boris Johnson is reported to have given two speeches behind closed doors - at the National Conservative Convention on Saturday and to businesses leaders this morning, at which he revealed more of his plans for Brexit .

Reportedly he said his plan was to sign up to the Withdrawal Agreement, but scrap the Backstop, extend the transition period to the end of 2021 and use that time to agree a replacement for the Backstop.


Commenting, Bridget Phillipson MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Boris Johnson’s Unicorn Plan would leave us with an even bigger divorce bill, as we pay for an extra year of EU membership but without our current voice, vote or veto.

“Then, at the end of all that, we would be right back to square one, facing the near-certainty of a damaging No Deal because the Conservative Party refuses to accept that a Backstop is a necessary component of any Brexit deal.

“The result would be more years of chaos and political gridlock and even more damage to our economy, to the Irish peace process and to our international standing.

“No wonder Donald Trump is so enthusiastic about Boris Johnson. He knows that Johnson will leave Britain even less able to resist his bullying demands in an America First trade deal.

“It would be an outrage for Boris Johnson or anybody else to force this on us. That is why more and more people are demanding that the public and not just a small group of Conservatives, get the final say on any Brexit deal.”