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Phillipson – DEXEU leak and Kwarteng’s comments show why Johnson cannot be trusted

Today’s Financial Times reports on a leaked document from DEXEU which highlights the scope Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans give him and his government to tear up European protection for workers’ rights and consumer standards. Meanwhile, on this morning’s Today Programme, while being questioned on the leak, Government minister Kwasi Kwarteng said No Deal remained “on the table” as a matter of Government policy and that the Government still considered crashing the UK out of the EU with nothing as a legitimate option.

Commenting, Bridget Phillipson MP, leading supporter of People’s Vote, said:

“This leak reveals that Boris Johnson plans to treat his pledges on workers' rights like he treated his pledges to the DUP. They are promises made to be broken, designed only to get him through the latest political crisis and offered with zero sincerity or commitment.

“Johnson wants a Brexit for the right, the rich and the reckless. I respect my colleagues who have sought guarantees over protections for workers, built up over years of action and campaigning, will not be unpicked by Brexit. But the document leaked from DEXEU shows any reassurances offered by Johnson were not even worth the hot air that accompanied them out of his mouth.

“Government minister Kwasi Kwarteng today insisted that No Deal was still on the table and remains an option for Boris Johnson. That is another reason why MPs are right to resist this Johnson’s bullying and anti-democratic attempts to ram through his Brexit law.

“No one will be fooled by a man who cannot be trusted to tell the time and who has built his journalistic and political career on attacking European social protection and regulation. It shows why so many MPs are right to be suspicious of allowing Johnson to have an election until we have exposed all his false and contradictory promises.

We cannot trust Boris Johnson on Brexit. And we should resist his demands that we either nod through his proposed deal or give him the election he craves. Instead, the only democratic way to solve this crisis is let the people decided in a the Final Say referendum.”