Phillips – I will not let Boris Johnson abuse the memory of my friend Jo Cox - People's Vote

Phillips – I will not let Boris Johnson abuse the memory of my friend Jo Cox

Commenting on Boris Johnson’s rhetoric in the House of Commons, Jess Phillips MP, a leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Jo Cox was my friend and I will not let Boris Johnson use her memory to further his attack on our democracy and democratic institutions.

“Boris Johnson’s words in Parliament last night were shocking because they showed him to be an amoral man, more than willing to say or do anything to get his way.

“In politics, and everywhere else, we need to treat people with respect, even when we disagree. I want to listen to people’s views, not shout them down, and I want our political leaders to be the same. People have a right to their opinions and a right to be heard, and it is wrong that the prime minister only listens to a small circle and treats others so very poorly.

“Now he wants a general election so he can tour the country enflaming prejudices, making scapegoats of the vulnerable and always and everywhere using fear as the central tactic of his campaign. It would be a deeply divisive election that could easily result in another hung parliament or give a majority with as little as a third of the vote, so he can do whatever he wants to us.

“We must not let that happen. If Johnson wants to ‘get Brexit done’ then he has to go back to the people with a clear offer and put that to a confirmatory referendum where we can settle the question of Brexit. No one pretends this will be easy but giving everyone the final say is the best and most democratic way of resolving this issue, creating a lasting settlement and allowing the divisions that scar our country to heal.

“Everyone needs to write to their MP to make it clear they want them to stand up to Boris Johnson. Everyone who possibly can needs to come on the People’s Vote march in London on 19 October.

“Boris Johnson cannot be allowed to bully and threaten us any longer.”