Phillip Lee – the Prime Minister offers no end to Brexit - People's Vote

Phillip Lee – the Prime Minister offers no end to Brexit

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s statement, Phillip Lee MP, leading supporter of a People’s Vote, said:

“The Prime Minister is still determined to force her broken Brexit deal on us despite knowing that very few MPs or people in the country want it.

“In the next few days, Parliament will once again face a choice that will define the country’s future for a generation to come. The worst thing MPs could do is submit to passing this Withdrawal Agreement without any conditions, without knowing even knowing who will be Prime Minister in a few months’ time.

“Tonight the PM said we should let it happen simply because everyone is tired of talking about Brexit. But leaving without knowing where we are going is a recipe for further division. It won’t be the end of all the arguments but a signal that they have only just begun. It will sap energy, talent and resources for a generation and beyond, preventing us from addressing any of the huge challenges – from health and housing to automation and climate change – that face our country today.

“The Prime Minister’s deal offers us no clarity and no end to Brexit. Instead we face years, if not decades, of Prime Ministers travelling back and forth to Brussels trying to make sense of a deal that makes no sense for Britain.

“What is needed now, at this 11th hour, is for MPs to insist on the time and space we need to work out what Brexit means – soft or hard - because any Brexit will inevitably leave many voters disappointed.

“In the end, this can only be resolved by putting any final deal back to the people. That is why I – and hundreds of thousands of people – will be marching in London on Saturday to demand that the politicians Put It To The People before it’s too late.”