People's Vote campaign responds to Prime Minister’s Article 50 extension statement - People's Vote

People's Vote campaign responds to Prime Minister’s Article 50 extension statement

Following Theresa May's statement on the extension of Article 50 today, leading People’s Vote supporter, Owen Smith MP said:

“The Prime Minister should be working to find the space needed to navigate a democratic way forward out of the ever-deepening national humiliation that is her broken Brexit, but today’s statement seems to suggest that she’s not willing to listen to Parliament or the country.

 “She seems more determined to avoid the European Parliamentary elections than she is to build a consensus around a compromise Brexit deal. That means she is seriously proposing madcap ideas like pulling the European elections less than 24 hours before polling stations open.

“Aside from the chaos that would induce in schools and other public buildings being used as polling stations, it is behaviour more suited to a banana republic than a mature democracy.

“Support for a People’s Vote on any compromise Brexit proposal is continuing to grow across every political party and among some of those who voted Leave in the last referendum - as well as those who voted to stay in the EU, because it neither fair nor reasonable to force a particular form of Brexit on the public without letting them decide whether or not we should go ahead. 

“If the past three years have taught us anything, it is that promises made in the last referendum will not be delivered, any deal means real costs to our economy, trade and influence, and going ahead with Brexit now would offer neither clarity about our eventual destination nor closure

“Giving the public the final say is ultimately the only way to deliver a stable settlement that can command the confidence of both Parliament and the country.”