Oliver Letwin becomes the latest senior figure to back a People’s Vote - People's Vote

Oliver Letwin becomes the latest senior figure to back a People’s Vote

Oliver Letwin, the former Conservative minister now sitting as an Independent MP, has become the latest senior political figure to suggest that a People’s Vote is the only democratic way to break the Brexit deadlock. He also emphasised that a final say referendum would be a more effective way of solving the crisis than a General Election.

Speaking on the Today programme this morning, Mr Letwin said:

“If [Boris Johnson] can’t get a deal that he can bring to the House of Commons and get a majority for, there’s another option of course, which is to bring back a deal and ensure a majority for it by attaching it to a referendum.

“I think it’s pretty clear there’s a huge number of Labour MPs, Liberal Democrat MPs, SNP MPs, who would vote for any reasonable deal subject to a referendum and I think there’s now an increasing number of Conservatives and ex-Conservatives who would as well so I think there is a majority there too.

“There’s also a question of the logic of situation. [Boris Johnson] has said that the way to break the deadlock is to take this back to the people. I don’t actually think that a General Election is a good way of resolving Brexit. We’re going to have to have a General Election at some point, and it resolves who’s the Government, and how Parliament is constituted, but if your thesis is that you need to take it back to the people, why not get a deal in front of Parliament, if Parliament won’t otherwise accept it, why not take it to the people in a referendum, let’s see?”