People's Vote March - Put it to the People

In partnership with the Independent's Final Say campaign

Saturday March 23rd, London

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Put the Brexit deal to the people

Join us on 23rd of March for the ‘Put It To The People March’ to make the calls for a People’s Vote too loud to ignore.

On the 23rd of March, just six days before the Government hopes to take Britain out of the EU, hundreds of thousands of people will march on Parliament offering a solution to a crisis that threatens their living standards, businesses and jobs. We demand a People’s Vote, and come 23 March, it could be a case of now or never.  

Please sign up to join us. We will be congregating from 12pm, high noon in Park Lane, and marching to Parliament Square to make our voices heard. Our demand is a simple one: that any Brexit is put the people so that we can have the final say. This will be a day to tell your children about, to tell your grandchildren about.

Join us.



54.3% of a £500,000.00 goal

Chip in whatever you can afford towards the march now:

£10 £20 £50 £100 Other



Saturday 23rd March 2019.
Assemble at 12pm noon for 1pm start.


Meet on Park Lane (southbound carriageway), north of the Hilton Hotel. Click here for map


If traveling by Tube, please exit at Marble Arch or Bond Street.

Put it to the People March

Registered address: Open Britain, Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank, London, England, SW1P 4QP.

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