No deal tariff shake-up will be further blow to farmers - People's Vote

No deal tariff shake-up will be further blow to farmers

The Financial Times reports today that the Government intends to “announce imminently the full set of charges it will impose on various industries in a no-deal departure from the EU, tweaking an earlier draft that was announced in March by the Cabinet Office.” 

But it says British farmers will be disappointed that the tariffs for agriculture will remain as they were in the proposals set out in March.


Sean Rickard, former chief economist at the National Farmers’ Union and a spokesperson for Farmers for a People’s Vote, said:

“The Government’s repeated claims that they intend to protect British farming are exposed as fraudulent by these reports. It seems intent on sacrificing agriculture in a forlorn attempt to mitigate the adverse consequences of a no-deal calamity.

“The position facing farming hasn’t changed. Agriculture is caught because if existing (EU, WTO and MFN) tariffs on foods from third countries were applied to the UK, there would be a significant increase in food prices, almost certainly exacerbated by a depreciation of the pound.”



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