No Clarity, No Closure - People's Vote

No Clarity, No Closure

In this new report, written by the People's Vote campaign, Lord Kerslake will call for an extension of Article 50 and urge senior figures in positions of public authority to be honest with the public about the risks of leaving without any clarity or certainty about the future.

The report examines nine aspects of the Political Declaration:

  • Goods Trade with Europe – where People’s Vote warn that the UK side is still to formulate its objectives, the July 2018 Chequers proposal having died a death as long ago as last autumn.
  • Services Trade with Europe – where the report warns that hopes of an extensive service trade deal are almost certainly going to be dashed as a result of pre-existing EU commitments in third-country trade deals
  • Security – where the report notes that the Government are already scaling back on hopes of extensive security co-operation
  • Foreign Policy – where the UK will be reduced to an occasionally consulted friendly state rather than having any significant influence
  • Immigration – where the UK’s stated ambition of ending free movement will have to be traded off with its desire to access the Single Market.
  • Citizens’ Rights – Where British citizens are set to lose certainty and powerful legal recourse.
  • Trade Beyond Europe – Where the level of freedom Britain will enjoy is completely clouded by the desire to maintain strong trading relations with the EU.
  • Fisheries – Where despite all the symbolism it seems certain Britain will have to trade sea access for market access.
  • Agriculture – Where British farmers who might hope for easy access to both European and world markets in this most protected of sectors are surely set for disappointment.

The report can be read in full here: