Sign our letter to protect our NHS - People's Vote

Sign our letter to protect our NHS

Do you work in health or social care and are worried about the impact of Brexit on our NHS?

If so, the People’s Vote Campaign is asking you to sign an open letter, which will be made available to national and local media, calling for:

  • all General Election candidates to publicly commit to backing a People’s Vote in the next parliament.
  • all voters to make sure they use their vote tactically in support of candidates who back a People’s Vote and who are best placed to win

Please sign the letter, to help achieve a People’s Vote and protect our precious NHS from Brexit

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Will you sign?

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As health care professionals, we know that Brexit will have a devastating impact on our precious NHS.

Hospitals, health and care services across the country are already struggling to cope. There are currently more than 100,000 unfilled posts across all English NHS trusts, including more than 40,000 nursing vacancies, a shortage of 11,000 doctors and 2,500 full time midwives in England. And there are a further 110,000 unfilled positions in social care.

Many of our dedicated, skilled hard-working colleagues, who came to work in the NHS from other European countries, have decided to leave the UK, due to the uncertainty over Brexit.

Our EU colleagues often account for more than one fifth of staff in local health services, with more than 200,000 EU nationals currently working across health and social care.  

The staffing crisis facing the NHS is only likely to get worse if Brexit goes ahead. Even a small flow of European doctors, nurses, midwives and other healthcare professionals leaving the United Kingdom, due to a fall in the pound or anxiety about their future, will have a huge impact on local services.

Leaked documents show that the government plans to try and fill some of those vacancies with less qualified staff. *

Instead of the extra £350m a week promised by Boris Johnson and the Leave campaign in 2016, we now know that any kind of Brexit will have a negative impact on our economy and that means less money for public services, including the NHS.

And Brexit is likely to mean a worse experience for patients: longer waiting times to see your local GP, less time with a midwife, more time waiting to be referred to a consultant and more time waiting for an operation.

We are also concerned about potential shortages and price rises for vital supplies, including medicines and medical devices, if the UK is unable to trade on at least similar or superior terms for such products. And with a No Deal Brexit still a real prospect, such supplies could be threatened even further.

Finally, we are concerned what conditions may be attached to any future trade deals with respect to ownership of NHS assets by foreign business.

That is why we urge all candidates standing in the General Election, to commit publicly to supporting a People’s Vote on Brexit, in the next Parliament.

And we urge all voters to make sure they use their vote tactically in support of the candidate best placed to defeat candidates supporting Boris Johnson’s Brexit, and in support of our precious NHS.

Yours Sincerely,