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Murray – Time for the Government to take Irish border question seriously

The Irish Taoiseach made it clear this morning in Dublin that little or no substantive progress has been made in addressing the question of the border on the island of Ireland in the Brexit negotiations.

The EU Council President also told the Dáil that the EU27 stood as one on the Irish border question.


Commenting, Ian Murray MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“How many warnings does this Government need before they start treating this issue with the seriousness it deserves?

“We are now just days away from the key European Council summit when the Irish border was supposed to be resolved, and yet we are seemingly no closer to a resolution.

“The Prime Minister's 'backstop' proposal, which took months to negotiate within her own Cabinet, clearly isn’t going to work. And while she scrambles to keep her squabbling and divided parliamentary party together, the threat of a damaging Brexit deal, or no deal at all, is rising.

“If she can’t sort this mess out, demand will only grow for a People's Vote on whatever deal she manages to cobble together. That’s why so many people from all walks of life will be marching on Parliament at this Saturday’s March for a People’s Vote.”



Notes to editors

RTÉ’s report of this morning’s events in Dublin can be read here: