Monday 9 September 2019 - People's Vote

Monday 9 September 2019

Morning Briefing: The People's Vote 100 - we launch the biggest tactical voting operation ever

Boris Johnson flies to Dublin to meet Irish premier Leo Varadkar this morning before returning to lose yet another Commons vote, this time his latest attempt to force a snap election. Parliament is likely to be shut down this week - prorogued - for five weeks of stagnation.

Opposition parties, including Conservative rebels, are working together to ensure an election can't take place until an extension of the Article 50 timetable has been secured, as they know they cannot trust any pledge from the Prime Minister to keep any promise on election dates or circumstances. This is why the People’s Vote campaign is launching our hugely-important tactical voting operation.

Only a People’s Vote can solve the political crisis that we are in, not a General Election. Read on to see how you can help us win a People’s Vote.

The People's Vote 100 - we launch the biggest tactical voting operation ever

The People’s Vote campaign has launched the biggest tactical voting operation ever undertaken in Britain to deliver a majority in the new Parliament for a final say referendum: it will give everyone the chance to decide whether the UK leaves the EU or stays. 

An interactive tactical voting hub will offer a comprehensive and independent guide to every voter, highlighting the clear choice between electing an MP pledged to backing a People’s Vote or an opponent who has set their face against it. 

The focus for the campaign’s resources and grassroots activity will be on the 100-plus marginal constituencies in the ‘Brexit Battleground’ where perhaps just a few hundred votes can make a huge difference to the outcome.

These seats - the “People’s Vote 100” – will include constituencies where the current MP is a supporter of a People’s Vote, as well as those where it is currently occupied by an opponent of a People’s Vote, where the campaign will back whichever candidate in favour of a final say referendum is best placed to win.

We have drawn up a provisional list of just over 100 marginal seats in this battleground, although the list is likely to change over the course of the election campaign as more information becomes available. 

The People’s Vote campaign is also creating a General Election fighting fund, the vast majority of which is expected to come from crowdfunding. This will pay for our national campaign in any election and direct donations to best-placed to win candidates promising to back a final say referendum.

Lord Heseltine, the former Deputy Prime Minister and a leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said: “A General Election is coming. Whenever it happens, the stakes could not be higher. It is likely to result in either Boris Johnson as Prime Minister forcing No Deal on the country or a Parliament that supports a final say referendum. 

 “But this will be an election like none other in my lifetime. Brexit is prising loose the political allegiances of millions of people. Together, we can make sure in a new Parliament there is majority for solving this crisis in the only legitimate and democratic way available: through a People’s Vote.”

Hillary Gyebi-Ababio, activist for the youth-led campaign group For our Future’s Sake (FFS), said: “It is widely known that young people and students are some of the biggest supporters of a People's Vote and, with a looming General Election, we have seen thousands of young people registering to vote right across the UK.

“This generation of young people will be unlikely to stick to traditional party-political voting allegiances and will vote tactically for pro-People's Vote parties, whenever the election comes.”

The response we've had from our supporters to yesterday's email from Lord Heseltine, asking for contributions to our General Election crowdfunder, has been incredible. If you haven't donated, but would like to, here's the link:

Rudd's resignation underlines truth that renegotiation talk is a sham

Amber Rudd’s decision to quit the Cabinet and the Tory Whip was another big blow for Boris Johnson, but she revealed the truth that attempts to renegotiate a Brexit deal are a “sham”.

She explained what a lot of the country has been thinking: all the effort is going into No Deal planning, very little into constructively trying to go back to the EU with a new plan.

Yesterday the Mail on Sunday revealed that Michael Gove is preparing to put 1,600 troops on standby to keep fuel flowing at the pumps. It is an indicator of how a destructive No Deal could affect everyday life, as was revealed by People’s Vote campaign research into local authority preparedness around the country. The civil service team negotiating with Brussels is now down to just four people, according to The Times.

Conservative rebel and People’s Vote supporter Guto Bebb said: “Amber Rudd’s resignation letter confirms reports this week where Boris Johnson’s senior adviser said the Government’s attempts to negotiate a Brexit deal are a ‘sham’. It is clear Boris Johnson has no serious intention of fulfilling his stated promise of trying to secure a deal. The only democratic and legitimate way to resolve this crisis is not to trust Boris Johnson but to trust the people through a final say referendum.”

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab told Sky News that the Government would “test to the limit” the new law blocking No Deal, while Johnson’s declaration that he would rather be “dead in a ditch” than ask for another Article 50 extension led Justice Secretary Robert Buckland to remind the Prime Minister of the “importance of the Rule of Law”, an astonishing admonishment of any country’s leader.

There is no mandate for a destructive No Deal and it is an insult for the Prime Minister to be even considering whether to ignore laws passed by Parliament. The only way out of this crisis is a People's Vote.

Government wanted early election to block young people voting

The campaign to ensure students register to vote continues as it was revealed that one reason behind the Government’s push for an early election is to restrict the number of young people who can vote.

More than 1 million people have registered to vote since Boris Johnson became Prime Minister with 200,000 signing up last week as freshers’ weeks started in Scotland.

Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson, a campaigner from pro-People's Vote youth group For our Future's Sake (FFS), said: "It is unfortunately unsurprising that Boris Johnson's advisors are aiming for an earlier election, as a misconceived attempt to restrict the student vote.

“Boris Johnson and his team know that young people and learners across Higher and Further Education do not want a vicious No Deal imposed on them, damaging their futures.

“No 10 are right to be scared - this generation of young people will get out and vote for pro-People's Vote parties, no matter the time of the election."

Scottish Labour leader backs People's Vote in Edinburgh tonight

The Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard will call for a People's Vote for the first time tonight at a rally in Edinburgh University Students' Association. He will be joined by activists from For our Future's Sake and Our Future Our Choice. 

On Friday, we will be holding a rally in Newport to support a People's Vote. Get your tickets here to give full-throated support and Let Us Be Heard.

It's clear that Brexit must be put to the people. Now is a crucial time to get involved with the People's Vote campaign. Sign up to volunteer today. 

Quote of the Day

“If you say, ‘I don’t want a general election and I don’t want no deal’, you have to take the steps to make that happen. If instead you take the opposite steps, people have to come to their own conclusions. My mother used to say, ‘Judge a man by what he does and not by what he says.’ I am concerned that he’s not doing enough to make true what he says is his priority.”

Former Cabinet Minister Amber Rudd reveals to the Sunday Times that there "doesn't seem to be any evidence of deal planning" from the Prime Minister as she heads for the backbenches.

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