Monday 8 July 2019 - People's Vote

Monday 8 July 2019

Morning Briefing: Epic weekend of protest as Conservative rebels declare their hand

It was an epic weekend of protest for the People's Vote campaign up and down the country with supporters making the case to Let Us Be Heard. A full house at the Beacon of Light in Sunderland voiced their opposition to the democratic outrage of a destructive Brexit or No Deal being imposed on the city. At London's massive Pride event, LGBT+ for a People's Vote made their presence felt on the streets and later at a hilarious event at nightclub Heaven, see the video below.

Next Sunday, Emily Thornberry leads the fight at our Let Us Be Heard rally in Boris Johnson's constituency backyard of Uxbridge. Join us by getting your tickets here.

Conservative MPs prepare to block No Deal

Resistance is growing within the Conservative Party to proposals by both leadership candidates to force through a destructive No Deal. Today could well see the latest attempt by MPs to shut down options for imposing No Deal, by making it all but impossible for them to suspend or "prorogue" Parliament.

With both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt talking tough about the prospect of leaving the EU without a deal, fearful Conservatives are coming together to figure out the best ways to block it.

Favourite Boris Johnson upped the rhetoric over the weekend, warning EU politicians to “look deep in to my eyes, I’m not bluffing”, saying he would make the UK “match-fit for no deal” to ensure it could leave on October 31 “come what may”.

He is ignoring the warnings of former Brexit permanent secretary Philip Rycroft who will tell the BBC's Panorama programme tonight No Deal is a “step into the unknown”, fraught with risk which is not in the interests of the UK or the EU.

Fearful of the consequences, dozens of Conservative MPs are plotting to block the disaster of No Deal. People’s Vote supporter Sam Gyimah MP said 30 or more MPs are discussing tactics to block any attempt to suspend – prorogue – Parliament to force through No Deal.

Speaking on yesterday's Andrew Marr show, Justice Secretary David Gauke once again predicted that he would lose his job by not supporting No Deal, but vowed to fight against No Deal, while former leadership candidate Rory Stewart has expanded on his idea of an "alternative Parliament" that would seek to solve the crisis in the event of a Commons suspension.

Former prime minister Sir John Major blamed Mr Johnson for “misleading” the country during the Brexit campaign, while former leader William Hague predicted that Mr Johnson’s No Deal plans could mean “do and then die”.

The trenches are being dug for a long, hot summer of democratic protest against Brexit being forced upon us.

The brother-in-arms getting impatient over party's Brexit foot-dragging

They have always been seen as brothers-in-arms, but John McDonnell is definitely running out of patience with his old buddy Jeremy Corbyn - or at least the foot-dragging by the party over its Brexit position.

The Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell called for a shift to a full-throated backing of a People’s Vote “sooner rather than later” yesterday as he was summoned to the TV studios to deny a Sunday Times story claiming he and Corbyn confidante Diane Abbott had urged him to sack the leader’s office aides Seamus Milne and Karie Murphy.

He may have denied claims of a “civil war” or that the “ice-picks are being sharpened”, but it is clear that he wants Mr Corbyn’s period of “consultation” to end and for the Labour Party to get its act together to combat a destructive No Deal urgently.

He warned on the Andrew Marr show that Labour “needed to decide early and get on with it.”

Sunderland calls to Let Us Be Heard at packed rally

Supporters from the North East had its chance to roar for democracy and Let Us Be Heard at Sunday’s packed out rally in Sunderland.

Local MP Bridget Phillipson kicked the Beacon of Light event off warning that the sort of Brexit Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt would accept as a price worth paying would leave working people in the North East picking up the bill.

Sunderland entrepreneur Paul Callaghan argued that all economic analysis showed that the region will be worse off: “This means our jobs, here in the North East. Jobs that provide the livelihood of tens of thousands of people both directly and indirectly.”

Addressing the issue of Sunderland becoming the first place to vote Leave in 2016, city resident and Green Party activist Rachel Featherstone told the audience: “Brexit was sold to them as a way to address their problems. That was a lie. Three years on it is increasingly clear that it would actually make things worse.”

Next Sunday July 14, we are holding a People’s Vote rally in Boris Johnson’s constituency of Uxbridge. Labour's shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry who has battled against both Mr Johnson and Mr Hunt across the dispatch box will be among the speakers at the event at Brunel University to give democratic voice against Brexit being forced on us. Join us to let the favourite for the Conservative leadership election know that we need to be heard.

It's clear that Brexit must be put to the people. Now is a crucial time to get involved with the People's Vote campaign. Sign up to volunteer today. 

Quote of the Day

“This is bigger than day to day politics. We are fighting for the heart and soul of our country. There are lots and lots of families beyond this room that need us to fight hard to get us this People’s Vote.”

Tottenham MP and People's Vote supporter David Lammy travelled to Sunderland to address our Let Us Be Heard rally.

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