Monday 25 June 2018 - People's Vote

Monday 25 June 2018

Morning briefing: 100,000 sign People's Vote petition - where's Jeremy Corbyn? - business vs Boris

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And thank you! Our petition demanding a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal blasted through the 100,000 signatures mark last night - and we only launched it on Saturday. If you were too distracted by the unprecedented scenes of England scoring six goals in a World Cup match yesterday and still haven’t signed it, you can do so here.

We are now shooting for 200,000 signatures. Today is a great day to tell your work colleagues to sign up. Get another FIVE signatures. If five is easy, go for TEN.



The other big show of support for a People’s Vote over the weekend was, of course, the People’s Vote March. Over 100,000 people flooded the streets of London to let Theresa May and her government know how they feel about her miserable Brexit.

The message was clear: democracy does not mean one vote, one time. Brexiter promises have been broken and new facts have come to light - the economy slowing, NHS staff leaving, fears on the Irish border, Trump in the White House. These are the reasons so many people are demanding a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.

But now is no time to let up! We have just a few months to secure a People's Vote. Millions of people will have seen the news over the weekend and realised, maybe for the first time, there is still something they can do to prevent a disastrous Brexit.

There are plenty of things you can do to push for a People’s Vote. Hugo Dixon suggests 12 here for InFacts. Right now the main one is to talk to friends, family and colleagues and get them to sign our petition!

Video of the day

Wondering what 100k+ People's Vote marchers looks like from the air? Take a look at these aerial shots which were all over the news yesterday.


“Where’s Jer-err-my Cor-byn?”

That was the question endlessly chanted at Saturday’s march. Now a group of leftwingers, led by several former Momentum members, want to make sure the Labour leader is ultimately alongside us demanding a People’s Vote.

The grassroots Labour for a People’s Vote campaign is calling for Jeremy Corbyn to oppose May’s Brexit deal and to back a People’s Vote - with the option of staying in the EU if voters reject the deal. That starts with giving Labour members a proper say on the Brexit issue at party conference in autumn.

Tweet of the day

Huge thanks to all our People's Vote speakers - and to Andy Parsons for keeping the show on the road! Here's the obligatory stage selfie...


“F*** business” means “f*** workers” and “f*** NHS”, Boris

When a Conservative foreign secretary says “f*** business” to foreign diplomats at the Queen’s birthday celebrations, you really feel the topsy-turvy effect Brexit has had on this country.

Boris Johnson’s comments were then followed by health secretary Jeremy Hunt, once a Remain supporter, telling business to shut up about Brexit on the Andrew Marr Show, saying their concerns were “completely inappropriate”.

Businesses should not listen. Airbus, BMW and Siemens are right to warn the public of job losses if they leave the UK thanks to May’s botched Brexit. More businesses need to speak out. So must MPs concerned for their constituents’ livelihoods, as Tory defence minister Guto Bebb did by calling out his colleagues’ “inflammatory” and “unworthy” comments against business.

“F*** business” means “f*** workers, f*** the UK economy, f*** the NHS, and f*** this country”.

Tweet of the day 2

And here's a great snap from the front of the march - courtesy of NUS vice president and FFS spokesperson Amatey Doku.


Parliament still has the power

MPs can stop Johnson’s f***-us-all Brexit, despite last week’s imperfect outcome on a “meaningful vote”. A group of 50 Conservative MPs, including senior Tories and even some sitting ministers, would be willing to oppose a disastrous no-deal Brexit if the government ever tried to push one through, according to the FT.

Parliament has enough tools to decide how Brexit goes through - including the power to give the people a vote on the final deal. But MPs will only use these tools if we keep up the pressure. The best way to do that right now is by adding your name to our People’s Vote petition - and getting everybody you know to sign it.

Quote of the day

“There are at least 50 Conservative MPs who would be prepared to vote to stop that [a no deal Brexit] happening, which would be more than enough to force the government to take notice.

“In the end, parliament will find a way to stop a no deal Brexit happening if that’s what it takes, including Conservative MPs like myself.”

A former Conservative minister quoted in the FT.

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Looking forward...

Today, Monday 25 June

- Parliament votes on Heathrow expansion
- Northern Ireland secretary Karen Bradley in Brussels for talks with Michel Barnier
17:15 Theresa May meets Donald Tusk ahead of EU summit

Tomorrow, Tuesday 26 June

09:45 Sadiq Khan gives evidence on devolution and Brexit to Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs committee
11:30 Boris Johnson answers foreign office questions in Commons
14:30 Experts give evidence on post-Brexit migration policy to Home Affairs committee
16:00 Article 50 General Affairs Council, followed by Michel Barnier press conference
16:10 Defence minister Guto Bebb gives evidence on Galileo to Science and Technology committee
16:30 Westminster Hall debate: Upland farming after Brexit