Monday 19 August 2019 - People's Vote

Monday 19 August 2019

Morning Briefing: Corbyn promises to do "everything necessary" to block No Deal

The government's reaction to a leaked document on how damaging No Deal will be was very telling: they blamed everyone else. They claimed the very Conservatives who led the government only a month ago were responsible for the leak. They claimed it was old. They claimed it was "Project Fear". But the Operation Yellowhammer paper on No Deal preparation was written by their own sober, sensible civil servants. They were not politicking when they wrote it, just laying out the destruction that No Deal will bring.

With opposition to No Deal continuing to gather momentum through the summer recess, Confederation of British Industry leader Carolyn Fairbairn warned this morning on the BBC's Today programme how "serious will be the costs for our economy and jobs" and that it will take years for the country to recover from the shock.

There is no mandate for No Deal. The risks are too high and no-one ever voted for it. Only a People's Vote can resolve the crisis. It is Time To Be Heard.

Corbyn promises to do "everything necessary" to stop disastrous No Deal

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will today promise to do “everything necessary to stop a disastrous No Deal”, calling Boris Johnson a “fake populist and phoney outsider”.

Speaking in Corby in the East Midlands today, he will accuse Boris Johnson of failing on Brexit and a lurch to the hard right, “which has provoked the crisis our country faces this autumn.”

He will say: “Boris Johnson’s government wants to use no deal to create a tax haven for the super-rich on the shores of Europe and sign a sweetheart trade deal with Donald Trump: not so much a no-deal Brexit as a Trump-deal Brexit.”

While the speech may be seen by some as a pre-election pitch, the Opposition leader is clearly making the case for a People's Vote and we welcome this positive statement. And Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell told the BBC's Today programme that Labour would explore all options to block No Deal and should go "back to the people".

More opposition to No Deal came over the weekend with 100 MPs signing a letter to the Prime Minister calling for a recall of parliament to deal with the Brexit crisis, while the Telegraph claims that as many as 40 Conservative MPs are now supporting former Chancellor Philip Hammond and ex-Justice Minister David Gauke in their attempts to block No Deal.

This week Mr Johnson will meet French president Emmanuel Macron and German chancellor Angela Merkel in his first trips outside of the UK since he became Prime Minister almost a month ago. It is thought he will call for a new Brexit deal and will then go on to Biarritz for his first G7 Summit.

Revealed: The shocking truth of Operation Chaos 

The harsh reality of a destructive No Deal was laid out in graphic detail yesterday – not with “Project Fear”, as the government would have everyone believe – but with their own civil servants' calm and realistic assessments.

The “Operation Chaos” document leaked to the Sunday Timesshowed the stark plight facing the UK after October 31.

And it is truly shocking.

Operation Yellowhammer is the codename for the government’s operational Brexit planning and it warns there will be transport and customs delays for lorries and travellers, food and drinks shortages, long-term problems for vital medicines and fuel, potential nationwide protests – as well as the likelihood of a hard border in Northern Ireland.

The document, marked “official-sensitive”, set out the most likely outcomes of a No Deal that no-one voted for, rather than worst-case scenarios, which is what minister Michael Gove claimed when he was forced on TV to defend the government from growing outrage. Even he admitted there would be “bumps in the road” after Halloween.

Lib Dem MP Tom Brake said it revealed the truth that No Deal would have “wartime implications, in peacetime, all of them self-inflicted.”

Whatever Boris Johnson and this government say, there is no mandate for a destructive No Deal, no democratic support to inflict this much damage on the citizens of the UK.

Councils refuse to reveal how prepared they are for No Deal

As the reality of a destructive No Deal becomes more apparent, the People’s Vote campaign wanted to know how our local councils are coping in the run-up to October 31.

We were stunned to find that 73 councils across the UK refused to answer simple Freedom of Information requests about the state of the No Deal planning.

We submitted requests to hundreds of authorities and will reveal how many of them are doing.

But with the Department for Exiting the EU advising councils on how to reject FoI requests relating to Brexit and 73 refusing to respond, we have written to Elizabeth Denham, leader of the Information Commissioner’s office.

People’s Vote supporter Ian Murray MP said: “Given the reckless language currently being used by the government about the manageability of a no-deal exit from the EU, it is of paramount importance and clearly in the public interest that the true picture of local planning is made available.”

Join our Let Us Be Heard rally in Edinburgh

The people of Edinburgh get the chance to give a full-throated backing for a People's Vote on Thursday August 22 at The Meadows. We have a great set of speakers including MP Jess Phillips, comedians Grace Campbell, Fred McCauley, Matt Forde and Andrew Maxwell. To get your tickets, click here.

It's clear that Brexit must be put to the people. Now is a crucial time to get involved with the People's Vote campaign. Sign up to volunteer today. 

Quote of the Day

"We have to get back our democracy and demand a people’s vote. It’s the only way we can all genuinely say we know what we are doing. It’s the only true way to take back control. Let us be heard."

Former England and Everton footballer Peter Reid writes in the Independent that No Deal is class war and demands a People's Vote.

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