Monday 14 October 2019 - People's Vote

Monday 14 October 2019

Morning Briefing: MPs backing People's Vote ahead of crunch week

Stand by for one of the biggest political weeks of our lifetimes – starting with today’s Queen’s Speech and culminating in our massive People’s Vote march in London on Saturday. With more and more MPs seeing a final say referendum as the only solution to the Brexit crisis and Parliament meeting at the same time as our march, it is crucial that you are there.

Sign up here to let your voice be heard. And to book your place on one of more than 170 grassroots coaches coming in from around the country, go here.

MPs backing People's Vote ahead of crunch week

Ahead of key votes this week, more and more MPs are making the case for a People’s Vote as the only democratic means of resolving the Brexit crisis.

Yesterday, Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey told the BBC’s Andrew Marr that she now backs a People’s Vote and, like colleagues such as Keir Starmer, Tom Watson, John McDonnell and Emily Thornberry, believes it may be necessary to hold it before a general election.

She said: "I've been on a journey, to be honest, in relation to a public vote or a referendum. At the start of this process I was completely against a public vote, I thought it would be very divisive. 

"However, after three years of drama and pantomime antics from the Tory government and the fact that we're facing a no-deal, I think the only option we've got now is to let the people decide and that's what our party's position is.”

Conservative MPs such as pro-Brexit supporter Mark Field are recognising the need for a People’s Vote too. He wrote on his constituency web page: “It is now with regret that I am beginning to conclude that a second referendum may be the only viable way to break the deadlock should an exit deal that Parliament is able to coalesce around not be brokered in time.”

It is only a People’s Vote that can resolve the crisis. March together in London on Saturday for a Final Say.  

Johnson's hard Brexit plan will cost every person £2,000 a year

The majority of the discussion about Boris Johnson’s proposed Brexit deal has focused on the Northern Ireland border.

But make no mistake, this would be a hard Brexit that would cost every family in the UK and radically hit living standards and public services.

In-depth analysis from the impartial UK in a Changing Europe research group shows that income for every man, woman and child in the UK would drop by £2,000 a year, compared to £1,500 from Theresa May’s ill-fated deal.

The report points out that Johnson has “abandoned” any aspiration of frictionless trade with the EU. His proposed deal would cost public finances between £41-49 billion a year, leaving families worse off, business bankrupt, schools and hospitals underfunded, and people out of work. 

Margaret Beckett MP, co-chair of the People’s Vote Political Committee, accused Johnson of “trying to railroad through a Brexit plan that would have a devastating impact on living standards, funding for public services, businesses and jobs.”

Meanwhile, the government’s own analysis of the effects of No Deal shows that areas that voted for Brexit, such as Salisbury, Sunderland and Carlisle, will be hardest hit by No Deal. The Sunday Times revealed that 29 of the 33 most vulnerable to job losses were those where voters wanted to exit in 2016.

Social protections at risk from No Deal, report reveals

A destructive No Deal will allow the government to significantly weaken labour and social protections in the UK over time, a leading think tank has revealed today.

The Institute for Public Policy Research said “the greatest risk…is not a brazen attempt to repeal a flagship piece of retained EU law, such as the Working Time Regulations. Instead, it is that the government subtly loosens current protections via secondary legislation, resulting in the UK’s legislative framework on labour and social rights drifting apart from the EU model and weakening gradually over time.”

It's clear that Brexit must be put to the people. Now is a crucial time to get involved with the People's Vote campaign. Sign up to volunteer today. 

Quote of the Day

"The only way to ‘Get Brexit Done’ is to ask the people to have a final say. Following on from that instruction in 2016, we now have the detail and the options – and the consequences are now clear. Let’s ask the people to sign off and agree a deal, or to say they want to stay. A People’s Vote is what is needed to fix this divided country."

People's Vote campaigner and Labour MP Anna Turley writes in Labour List that a general election should wait until a People's Vote has resolved the Brexit crisis.

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