McMorrin – TPP talk sign of ministerial desperation - People's Vote

McMorrin – TPP talk sign of ministerial desperation

Ministers have suggested we should join the “Trans Pacific Partnership” (TPP) trade deal if we leave the EU.

Commenting, Anna McMorrin MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“The reality is that leaving the EU would damage our status as a global trading nation, putting at risk the trade deals we already have with more than 65 countries and leaving us desperate to sign up to trade deals for which we would have to lower our standards, and over which we have had no say in setting the rules.

“From watering down food and environmental standards, to granting more visas, to opening sectors of our economy in ways that could undercut UK businesses and agriculture, the obstacles to agreeing new deals - whether with the TPP countries or Trump's United States - would be endless.

“Even if the UK could eventually join the TPP, the other members account for just 8 per cent of British exports, compared to our neighbours across Europe which account for almost half. And the Government’s own Brexit analysis says that even if the UK were to strike trade deals overnight with dozens of countries, this would in total add between just 0.1% and 0.4% to GDP, compared to a 4% hit from leaving the EU.

“The Government’s Brexit plan means giving up the powerful say we currently have over EU rules and losing the benefit of the trade deals we negotiated alongside the EU. Now we know what Brexit looks like, the public should be given the opportunity to decide in a People’s Vote – is this the kind of deal we want, or is the deal we already have in the EU better? In the end, only the people can sort this out.”