McMorrin – There is no Brexit deal that will satisfy those who are angry with the establishment - People's Vote

McMorrin – There is no Brexit deal that will satisfy those who are angry with the establishment

The police have warned that far-right groups are hoping to exploit Brexit.

Commenting, Anna McMorrin MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“There can be no excuse for violence and the police and security services should come down hard on anyone seeking to use Brexit as a cover for terrorism, racist violence or rioting.

“There should be no room for the delusion that voting for the Government’s Brexit deal, or any other sort of Brexit, will remove the threat, though.

“No form of Brexit will match the promises that were made to voters in 2016, instead they will all leave us poorer and with less control of our future than with our current deal as members of the EU.

“There are strong feelings about Brexit on both sides of the argument. But only one side has brought hundreds of thousands on to the streets. The People’s Vote March for the Future in October was led by young people whose voices have been ignored for so long. The advocates of Brexit remain determined to exclude them from having any say over their future, but they should remember they will have votes for a long time to come and will never forgive nor forget those who think they should be neither seen nor heard.

“The anger some leave voters felt towards Westminster and what they saw as the establishment in 2016 had many causes, not all of which were to do with Europe. The People’s Vote campaign is determined to show that the EU can be part of the solution rather than the problem for those who have been left out or left behind.

“It’s no surprise that those on the far-right who hate democracy would seek to use a democratic vote as a platform to spew out their vile propaganda. Democrats know, though, that appeasement of such extremists is no solution to the problem they represent. Those who ride the tiger’s back are destined to end up inside the beast.”