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McMorrin – No Deal would mean a never-ending Brexit crisis

Commenting on Boris Johnson’s answers in Prime Minister’s Questions today, Anna McMorrin MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Boris Johnson is now trying to claim that the Bill planned to pass through Parliament today to prevent a disastrous No Deal would mean ‘more dither and delay’. But the reality is exactly the opposite. No Deal means no deals on anything, so it would be the start of years – even decades – of arguments and negotiations, with no end in sight. It would be a never-ending Brexit.

“If it’s taken three years to get this far, how long do you think it will take them to solve a crisis like No Deal? Brexit would dominate politics for years to come, shrinking our future and meaning issues like housing and tackling climate change are underfunded or ignored. That can only deepen the divisions in our country while we turn in ourselves.

“The UK would urgently need a trade deal, but we’d find ourselves negotiating from a far weaker position and still facing the same EU stance on the backstop and the divorce bill. Instead of crashing out into this uncertain future, we need in these exceptional circumstances a short extension to settle this issue once and for all with a new vote. It can be binding on all participants - whether we leave or stay – so we can get the clarity and closure we all need. Let’s have hope for the future, not a never-ending Brexit crisis.”