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McMorrin – Fox has failed as Trade Secretary

Liam Fox’s department has admitted, for the first time, that they will not be able to “roll over” all the trade deals the UK benefits from as a member of the EU.

These deals cover over 65 countries.

Commenting, Anna McMorrin MP, a leading supporter of People’s Vote, said:

“Another day has gone by and another promise on Brexit is casually being broken.

“This is just the start and things will only get worse. The idea of Liam Fox going into trade negotiations with Donald Trump is like someone taking a teaspoon to a knife fight.

“Brexiters once promised us dozens of new trade deals would be ready to sign the instant we left the EU, but now we know they will not even be able to keep the current deals we have as members of the EU.

“On top of that there is no finalised free-trade agreement with our largest trading partner, merely a framework for a future relationship: a vague promise of a potential free trade agreement with the EU at some unspecified point in the future.

“This is a ‘blindfold Brexit’: the Brexiters are intent on taking us out of the EU with no clarity about the future because they know promises were made that can never be delivered. They’re trying to conceal the full consequences of Brexit while pretending what they’ve failed to achieve in the past two years can be magically negotiated when we’ve handed over our biggest negotiating cards.

“If it goes ahead, Blindfold Brexit will sap energy, talent and resources for a generation and beyond, preventing our politics from addressing any of the huge challenges – from health and housing to automation and climate change – that face our country today.”