McMorrin – Backstop or no Backstop, Brexit is bad for Northern Ireland - People's Vote

McMorrin – Backstop or no Backstop, Brexit is bad for Northern Ireland

The Prime Minister is in Northern Ireland today, focusing on her plans to tear up her own Brexit deal.

Commenting, Anna McMorrin MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, stated:

“Backstop or no Backstop, the Brexit deal is still bad news for Northern Ireland and that should not be forgotten.

“Backstop or no Backstop, the deal would damage the economy of Northern Ireland. Manufacturers in Northern Ireland sell £10.5 billion of goods to Great Britain every year and it has long been known that if Great Britain gets an economic cough, Northern Ireland goes down with the flu.

“The bad news from Nissan at the weekend only emphasises the point. There are no volume vehicle manufacturers in Northern Ireland but there are many companies in the automotive supply chain and all will be vulnerable to the shrivelling of investment that Brexit is already bringing.

“Backstop or no Backstop, the deal threatens to weaken security in Northern Ireland. While the focus is on dissident republicans or loyalist organised crime, Northern Ireland is just as vulnerable as any other part of the UK to other terrorist or serious criminal threats, and the deal leaves the UK with no guarantees on further security co-operation and access to key EU crime fighting databases.

“Backstop or no Backstop, the deal will deepen divides in Northern Ireland. Today whether a resident of Northern Ireland holds an Irish or a British passport makes no difference to their rights and their status. That is the very foundational principle of the Good Friday Agreement. Backstop or no Backstop that will change after Brexit.

“Northern Ireland voted against Brexit and all the polling shows that opposition to leaving the EU has only grown. Yet the voice of those in Northern Ireland who oppose Brexit goes unheard in our Parliament and so the majority of citizens of Northern Ireland are left unrepresented on this crucial matter.

“Instead of playing another round of fantasy Brexit, the Prime Minister should hand this decision back to the public in a People’s Vote.”