McGovern – The public must now be heard - People's Vote

McGovern – The public must now be heard

Responding to tonight’s votes on Brexit in the Commons, Alison McGovern MP, a leading supporter of People’s Vote, said:

“Once again, the Government has had to scramble to avoid defeat on Brexit and today has shown that, when it comes to Brexit, Parliament is able to agree what it is against - but in our system, it is hard for those other than the Government to say what it supports.

“There wasn't a majority for the Prime Minister’s deal and the Conservatives won't support Labour’s alternative Brexit. And there is no majority for a no-deal crash-out from the EU either.

“An extension of the Brexit deadline is welcome if it avoids us falling off an economic cliff on 29 March but postponing disaster by a few weeks solves nothing and still means Parliament will have to find a way out of this mess.

“Labour policy was adopted unanimously at the party conference to campaign to give the people the choice of staying in the EU on the same terms as now or opting for a negotiated form of Brexit. The crisis is now so great the public must be heard.“