McFadden – JLR job losses “terrible news” - People's Vote

McFadden – JLR job losses “terrible news”

Commenting on news that Jaguar Land Rover are expected to announce further job losses in the UK, Pat McFadden MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“This is terrible news for the workers affected and for the UK automotive industry. After many years of success and growth Jaguar Land Rover is now suffering the perfect storm of slowing sales in China, public concern about diesel and Brexit. Jaguar Land Rover is absolutely integral to the manufacturing strength of the West Midlands so it is very troubling to see the company having to take these measures.

“All three of these issues are joined by the question of uncertainty. Uncertainty about the Chinese economy as Donald Trump launches a trade war, uncertainty about diesel because of concerns about the environment and uncertainty caused by our gridlocked Parliament and the refusal of the Prime Minister to consider an alternative to her deal. We need national and international leadership capable and willing to address all three questions.”