McFadden - Britain's business leaders losing confidence in Brexit process - People's Vote

McFadden - Britain's business leaders losing confidence in Brexit process

Make UK - the country's main manufacturing trade body - has written to the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, to share their significant concerns about the current Brexit process.  

Commenting on the letter, Pat McFadden, the Labour MP, former Business Minister and leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign said: 

“The Prime Minister has already done deep damage to our key industries by playing brinkmanship with a catastrophic no deal departure from the EU. This is an important statement from Make UK, our country's main manufacturing trade body, which represents many of the firms employing thousands of people in seats like mine in the West Midlands. It shows that not only have businesses lost investment, but they have now lost confidence in this whole process. 

“Modern manufacturing involves not just complex supply chains, but deep integration with services, cross-border data transfer and continent-wide finance. The Prime Minister’s deal offers no certainty on the future of these crucial processes and that is why, while some businesses are unfortunately voting with their feet by cutting jobs and investment, others are calling for a long delay on and even an end to Brexit."