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May’s Brexit Banger – the £50 billion ‘bargain’ nobody’s buying

On the day the Government are due to publish their White Paper on Brexit, the People’s Vote campaign will reveal the latest offering from May’s Motors – the Brexit Banger that is set to cost the taxpayers £50 billion between now and 2064.

The Brexit Banger – a bashed-up car without wheels and decorated with a banner that proclaims “For Sale – But No One’s Buying May’s Brexit Banger” – was driven round Parliament Square on a low loader from “May’s Motors”.


Commenting, Ian Murray MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign said:

“Theresa May’s hard Brexit plan satisfies nobody.

“Nobody wants to buy her old banger Brexit and even her ministers are deserting her. She has given up on even pretending she can deliver on the promises made during the referendum campaign.

“Nobody thinks the £50 billion divorce bill marks any sort of bargain. And that’s before taking into account lost economic growth as a result of Brexit, which has already exceeded £40bn and will only increase with a bad deal.  

“We were promised Brexit would mean slashing red tape, when in reality we will have to abide by EU rules but no longer have a say over them. And we were promised ‘the exact same benefits’ as EU membership but the Government’s own analysis shows Brexit will damage trade and our economy.

“The reality is that with nobody buying her old banger Brexit, the Prime Minister cannot get this through Parliament. Her only option is to take this back to the country with a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.”



Notes to editors

The Government has committed to pay a £39bn divorce bill as part of the withdrawal agreement, to be paid in instalments through to 2064. The Public Accounts Committee recently said the total figure would be around £10bn higher than this.

May’s Brexit Banger was driven around Westminster on Thursday morning (12/7) and pictures will be available from picture desks and wires.