Matheson – Vauxhall at risk from No Deal - People's Vote

Matheson – Vauxhall at risk from No Deal

Commenting on Vauxhall’s announcement that new investment in Ellesmere Port will be cancelled in the event of a No Deal departure, Chris Matheson MP, said:

“The steel industry have said that No Deal means no steel. Our world leading aerospace sector is at risk from a crash out.

“Our chemicals industry faces devastation with No Deal. British agriculture would be similarly damaged.

“Now, Vauxhall, one of Britain’s most cherished car manufacturing brands is making it clear that No Deal would mean no investment in new models and no long-term job security.

“And yet both of the final candidates to be the next Conservative leader, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, continue to say that this destructive No Deal is a legitimate outcome of a Brexit process that has already damaged our country in so many ways.

“They are pitching to a tiny sliver of the electorate – the 160,000 Conservative members who represent 0.25% of our population – when the consequences would be felt by everyone.

“It is deeply undemocratic to have jobs destroyed and futures decided in this fashion.

“The only legitimate solution to this crisis is a final say referendum – a People’s Vote - on any Brexit outcome.”