March Accessibility - People's Vote

March Accessibility

We are committed to making the Put It To The People march as accessible as possible. To achieve this we have completely rewritten, and greatly expanded, our accessibility plan for the event based on feedback received following our previous march.

The full plan, and a guide to help you maximise your access to the event, can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. However, to summarise, we will be providing a minimum of the following:

-  A dedicated team of volunteers to assist people with accessibility requirements
-  A separate, fully accessible, assembly point
-  A shorter march route for people with reduced mobility, which will be entirely step free
-  Signage at the event designed to maximise accessibility for people with visual impairments
-  A dedicated, raised, viewing area at the rally location
-  An interactive map for smartphones and tablets showing access routes, accessible toilets, water points, and more
-  All parts of the event will be assessed with a comprehensive accessibility checklist both before, and during, the event.
-  Specific guidance for people with a range of accessibility requirements including (but not limited to) reduced mobility, autism, people with assistance animals

The accessibility guide is being written by a People's Vote staff member who has experience working at manager level at other large Central London events. including some with gold certification from Attitude is Everything.


The full accessibility guide can be downloaded by clicking the link below: