People’s Vote March for the Future

People's Vote and The Independent March for the Future

20 October 2018 - Central London

The call for a People’s Vote and a final say on Brexit is getting louder by the day.


In June, more than 100,000 people from all walks of life marched on Parliament to demand their democratic voice is heard.

A crisis is coming this Autumn when MPs will have to decide whether to make our country poorer, trash our vital public services and wreck the life chances of the young or give us all a People’s Vote on any Brexit deal.

So we are planning an even bigger march, this time led by young people whose voices were ignored two years ago, that will make political leaders sit up and take notice.

The People’s Vote March For The Future will be the most important protest of our generation.

We have teamed up with The Independent’s Final Say campaign to make sure this protest is so loud and so big that no one can ignore it.

Clear your diary, bring your family, tell your friends about the March on October 20th.

The People's Vote campaign is an alliance of the following organisations who are united around the demand to give people a vote on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

Join us in Central London on October 20, 2018 to make your voice heard:

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