Lucas – Tiny group of people currently deciding all our futures - People's Vote

Lucas – Tiny group of people currently deciding all our futures

The first balloting for the next leader of the Conservative Party happens today, with Conservative MPs voting for their preferred candidate.

Commenting, Caroline Lucas MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said: 

“Today, a tiny group of people – just 313 Conservative MPs - will start the process of deciding who gets to lead our country of 65 million people. After they’re finished whittling it down to two candidates, it will then be handed to the Conservative membership to make the final decision – perhaps 160,000 people, representing 0.25% of the population, will be deciding all of our futures.

“With the Conservative candidates engaged in an increasingly dangerous Brexit arms-race and the front-runner Boris Johnson open to the idea of forcing through a destructive No Deal, the voice of the British public must be heard. That’s why the People’s Vote campaign is beginning an all-out nationwide mobilisation through the summer and the autumn that will culminate in one of the biggest demonstrations Britain has ever seen on October 12 before the crunch decision on Brexit.

“It is genuinely shocking that a new Prime Minister would even consider imposing a destructive Brexit on the people of Britain. It is a democratic outrage that they want to do this without the people getting the chance to have the final say. Our demand is simple: Let us be heard.”