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Lucas - Leadsom interview should "chill" any MP hoping for Brexit concessions

Andrea Leadsom, Leader of the House of Commons, has today underlined that any Brexit deal could be ripped up by a new Conservative Prime Minister, despite reports that Downing Street is seeking to convince Labour that an agreement can be "Boris-proofed". 

On BBC1's Andrew Marr Show, Ms Leadsom said: "No government binds the hands of a future government...But my expectation is that the Prime Minister will only seek to deliver the things that still constitute Brexit."
Commenting on Ms Leadsom's remarks, Caroline Lucas, the Green Party MP and a leading supporter of the People's Vote campaign, said: 
"These comments should chill any MP thinking they can secure meaningful concessions from the Government on issues like workers rights, the environment, or a workable customs union. We know that many hardline Brexiters now just want to get any deal over the line, so that they can then do whatever they want afterwards. Indeed, last week Geoffrey Cox, the Attorney General, confirmed that a customs union would not be permanent and there was nothing to stop a government led by someone like Boris Johnson or Andrea Leadsom from overturning any guarantees after replacing Theresa May. 
"Instead of trying cobble some last minute ramshackle deal together and then force Brexit on us, what is needed now is an extension of the deadline long enough to give proper scrutiny to alternative proposals, including ways of making them legally binding. It is also vital that an extension is long enough to allow for any final deal to be put back to the people."
Notes to editors:
1. The Attorney General, Geoffrey Cox, told the BBC on Wednesday: “Whether we sign a customs union or whether we don’t, no nation is obliged to remain in an arrangement that doesn’t suit it….There’s nothing to stop us removing ourselves from that arrangement. So we can’t look at these things as permanent strait-jackets upon this country.”
2. The People’s Vote campaign has published a spoof video, fronted by former BBC journalist Gavin Esler, of a news programme on the day in the near future when Boris Johnson might become Prime Minister. The video, set just a few days after Theresa May forces her Brexit deal over the line, shows Johnson seizing power and declaring he would rip up any assurances his predecessor had made to win support for her deal in Parliament.