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Lucas – Brexit being used as platform by radical right

Conservative supporters of Brexit have argued that international development spending should be diverted to spending on defence and supporting the BBC World Service.

Commenting, Caroline Lucas MP, a leading supporter of People’s Vote, said:

“In fifty years the radical right have not had a better or stronger platform in Britain than Brexit.

“They are determined to use it to restructure not just British domestic policy – pushing for a low-tax, low-regulation economy – but also our international role.

“Moving our aid budget away from supporting the poorest people in the poorest countries towards defence spending, trade promotion and now, it seems, the BBC World Service is all part of this lurch to the right.

“Now we know how Brexit will be used to radically remake policy and society – something that was never discussed in the referendum campaign – we all have the right to have a final say on any Brexit deal in a People’s Vote.”