Leslie – “Hammond must stick to his guns on ‘Brexit dividend’” - People's Vote

Leslie – “Hammond must stick to his guns on ‘Brexit dividend’”

The Chancellor delivers the annual Mansion House speech this evening and commentary has centred on his refusal to endorse the idea of a “Brexit dividend” in pre-released extracts of his speech.

Commenting, Chris Leslie MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Phillip Hammond often gives the impression he is the only grown-up left in the Cabinet. But tonight’s Mansion House speech will be a test of his willingness to remain honest about the economic consequences of the Government’s hard Brexit plans.

“Up to now the Chancellor has avoided endorsing the ludicrous idea that there will be a ‘Brexit dividend’ – for the very sound reason that, as the minister in charge of the public finances, he knows Brexit will cost billions.

“With the bad economic news due to Brexit piling up, he must be truthful, stick to his guns and avoid joining in with the debasement of standards in public life that the claim of a ‘Brexit dividend’ represents.

“With the Government’s own figures showing that all types Brexit will damage our economy, the demand by the public to express their view on the final deal is growing, as will be clear when tens of thousands of people turn out to march for a People’s Vote this Saturday.”