Leslie – Carney right to warn of the Brexit risks - People's Vote

Leslie – Carney right to warn of the Brexit risks

On the Today Programme this morning the Governor of the Bank of England described a no deal Brexit as “highly undesirable” and outlined how the UK has under-performed the global economy since 2016’s referendum.

Commenting, Chris Leslie MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

Mark Carney has confirmed that Brexit has already done serious damage to the British economy and threatens to do much, much more.

“A no deal Brexit where we crash out of the EU with no agreement at all or a blind Brexit, where we leave with nothing more than a few paper promises, threaten to destroy jobs, life chances and opportunities.

“Any form of botched Brexit will mean less economic growth, less money for public services and more cuts to health, education and local government.

“None of this was on the side of Boris Johnson and Michael Gove’s bus and nobody voted for any of it. That is why we demand a People’s Vote on any final Brexit deal. No group of Brextremists should be able to force this on any of us and it must be for the people to decide.”



Notes to editors

Mark Carney can be heard here: https://twitter.com/peoplesvote_hq/status/1025299419313385477