Lee – Sir John Major right to put country ahead of party - People's Vote

Lee – Sir John Major right to put country ahead of party

Commenting on Sir John Major’s pledge to seek a judicial review should Boris Johnson seek to suspend Parliament, Dr Phillip Lee, Conservative MP and leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“Sir John Major is a Conservative who cares about our country and democracy. Today he said was ready to stand up for both by going to court to protect our elected Parliament from a Prime Minister seeking to circumvent it.

“As Sir John pointed out, it is also essential that we protect the Crown and the person of Her Majesty the Queen from being embroiled in such matters. It is deeply irresponsible for Boris Johnson to suggest, because he might want to subvert the will of our elected Parliament, that he would put the monarch in such a difficult position.

“We should heed Sir John's call to put the interests of the country ahead of party interests and be wary of allowing our politics to be further distorted by a membership of the Conservative Party who, as Sir John says, are not even fully representative of Conservative voters. That must surely mean allowing the other 99.75% of voters a say over our country's future through a People's Vote.”