Lee – Prime Minister has paid a heavy price for the contradictions of Brexit - People's Vote

Lee – Prime Minister has paid a heavy price for the contradictions of Brexit

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s resignation announcement, Phillip Lee, Conservative MP and leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“No one can fault the Prime Minister for her level of effort and her dedication to public service has never been in doubt.

“After almost three years of trying to meet the contradictory promises of Brexit, she has paid a heavy price. But in time, colleagues in my party will discover that the fundamental problem has not been Theresa May, but rather Brexit itself.

“Whatever form Brexit takes it will leave millions of people dismayed, disappointed or disillusioned. We now know that we cannot have the exact same benefits of being in the EU with none of the costs, we now know for certain that we cannot have our cake and eat it.

“Theresa May is right that the crisis that has engulfed her these past three years can only be resolved by reaching a consensus in Parliament. There is already a consensus against imposing her deal on the British people.

“There is an even stronger consensus - across both Parliament and the country – against Nigel Farage's plan to allow the UK to crash out of the EU with no deal in place at all. Clearly, there is no mandate for no deal. A majority of MPs have shown they are ready to reject a no deal Brexit through whatever means necessary. And whoever the Party elects as leader, the facts in parliament won’t change.

“A People's Vote is the best way to unlock the Brexit impasse in Parliament and build a lasting settlement for the whole country.

“The Prime Minister could have resolved the Brexit question if she had embraced this solution earlier. The opportunity to do so will now fall to her successor."