Lee – More and more Conservatives standing up for democracy and our country - People's Vote

Lee – More and more Conservatives standing up for democracy and our country

The Government has been defeated on a series of amendments today, limiting the ability of a future Prime Minister to prorogue Parliament in an attempt to force through a disastrous No Deal. The vote on the main cross-party amendment was 315-274, a majority of 41. Several senior ministers abstained and Margot James, a minister in DCMS, resigned to vote against the Government.

Commenting, Conservative MP Phillip Lee, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign who voted against the Government on the amendment, said:

“More and more Conservatives who care deeply about the national interest are now standing up for our democracy and our country. The sight of ministers resigning on this point of principle and others abstaining should give heart to all of us who believe we can avert catastrophe.

“Conservatives should not be trying to force a destructive Brexit on Britain when it is clear this was not what people voted for. Conservatives should not be inflicting a No Deal on Britain when this was barely even mentioned in 2016. Conservatives should not even be thinking about bypassing either Parliament or the people on a crisis as momentous as Brexit.

“But within days, more ministers will be sent to the backbenches and will be free to rebel against a disastrous No Deal. Parliament is in gridlock and there is no prospect of this changing anytime soon. That is why there is a growing number of Conservatives who are turning to a pragmatic, democratic and patriotic solution of putting the decision back to the people in a final say referendum  When every other option has been ruled out, a People’s Vote must and will emerge as the only viable and democratic solution to this crisis.”