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Lammy – May offering nothing but same old broken deal

The Prime Minister has pleaded for MPs to vote for her Brexit deal on the fourth time of asking when her Government brings forward a Withdrawal Agreement Bill next month.

Commenting, David Lammy MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said

“It is increasingly clear that the deal the Prime Minister puts before Parliament will be neither ‘bold’ nor in any meaningful sense ‘new’. Instead it will be the same broken deal that MPs have already rejected three times, with a few re-heated promises bolted on.

“The reality is that Theresa May is still asking Parliament to vote for a deal that comes with a £50 billion bill, that her own Government’s analysis shows would leave our economy £100bn a year worse off, and which would leave us rule takers as we argue about the next stage of Brexit for years, if not decades to come.

“And even if her deal were to scrape through the first round of voting in the Commons, it would not offer any stability. All of the leading candidates to take over from Theresa May have made it clear they will not be bound by any offer she makes now. It would be foolish in the extreme for any opposition MP to be taken in by paper pledges made by her on workers’ rights and the environment when they will be torn up in the autumn.

“There is only one solution to the Brexit quagmire, and that is to give the final decision back to the people. Now that we know what the costs of any Brexit deal will be, it is only fair and democratic that the public should decide if we should go ahead.”