Lammy – Labour is uniting around the demand for a People’s Vote - People's Vote

Lammy – Labour is uniting around the demand for a People’s Vote

Jeremy Corbyn has delivered his speech to Labour’s annual conference.

Commenting, David Lammy MP, leading supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said:

“It was good to hear Jeremy Corbyn reiterate his support for the policy passed by conference this week. He said he would listen to the members and he has by saying that Labour will reject any Brexit that does not match its six tests and that, if it cannot secure a general election then the option of a People’s Vote remains on the table.

“What this week has also shown is that sorting out the Brexit mess is the necessary first step to implementing Labour’s radical programme. We cannot fix the NHS, create the skilled, well-paid jobs we need, or secure investment in our children’s future when faced with the shambles of Theresa May’s Brexit or the disaster of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Brexit.

“Labour are right to pledge to vote against either outcome or a blindfold Brexit, where we do not know the consequences. When we do that, and if Conservative MPs will not vote for a general election, then a People’s Vote is the only realistic and serious alternative to crashing out with no deal or risking our future with a blindfold Brexit. The choice must never be between a bad deal and no deal.

“That is why Labour is increasingly uniting around the demand that this fundamental decision should be taken out of the hands of the Brexit elite in Westminster and given back to the people with a People’s Vote.”